The dynamic treatment regimes lab offers long- and short-term consulting services and welcomes industry partnerships. Our lab is at the bleeding edge of data-driven decision making with applications to precision medicine, optimization, machine learning, and large-scale computing.

Consulting services include:

  • Predictive modeling
  • Recommender and data-driven decision support systems
  • Statistical auditing and forensic statistical analyses
  • Large scale statistical simulations and computing solutions
  • Workshops and training

Industry partnerships typically involve a long-term (one year or more) research contract aimed at developing new research products in the form for research papers, monographs, grant proposals, or software. A standard arrangement has one or more PhD students from the DTR-lab working 20 hours per week on-site with the industry partner.

Partnerships can be formed through the statistics department at NC State or directly through the DTR-lab.

Contact Eric Laber at