Love League of Legends? Want to teach people how to reason using data? Become a part of the new League of Legends research group at Laber Labs!

Our mission: to expose millions of LoL players to statistics concepts by showing how data can be used to answer questions about the game. We will do this in the form of an awesome online experience that includes articles, graphics and interactive elements about topics such as:

  • Predicting game outcomes based on champion select
  • How to measure if a champion is overpowered
  • Unraveling Riot’s “crit smoothing” algorithm
  • … and any other questions you think of!

We are putting together a team of motivated NCSU undergraduates to take charge of this project. As a team member, you will work closely with other students, brainstorming and creating content for the website and playing a central role in determining the direction and outcome of the project.

You will also…

  • Learn a lot, have fun, and likely make some friends along the way
  • Develop useful and marketable skills not taught in a classroom
  • Work with top students, a professional designer, and a highly-regarded professor
  • Earn research credit
  • Gain the possibility of future internships, paid travel, and other opportunities

Should you apply?

If you are an undergraduate at State and this project excites you, then apply! We as a lab value and encourage diversity of background, opinion and experience, so please apply if you are interested, even if you aren’t sure if you are qualified.


To apply, simply fill out this form by December 5, 2017 (requires NCSU login):



  • You’ll hear back from us over winter break
  • Project start date: Jan 8 (beginning of Spring semester)
  • Weekly meetings from then on
  • Aim to launch website by May


Questions? Email