Funded or recommended

  1. Principal Investigator, DMS-1555141, “CAREER: Big computation and the management of emerging infectious diseases,” NSF, ($564,708, 2016-2021).
  2. Principal Investigator, DMS-1557733, “QuBBD: Collaborative Research: Precision medicine and the management of infectious diseases,” NSF, ($47,1440, 2015-2016).
  3. Principal Investigator, “Research Collaboration Between SAS Institute and NCSU: Tuning Parameter Section in LASSO Regression and Related Regression Selection Methods,” SAS Insitute ($127,911, 2015-2016).
  4. Investigator, R01-DK-108073, “Statistical methods for complex patients with diabetes,” NIH (PI Zhao, NCSU subcontract $128,670, 2015-2018).
  5. Principal Investigator, DMS-1513579, “Optimal Decision Strategies for Large Spatio-Temporal Decision Problems,” NSF ($150,000, 2015-2018).
  6. Investigator, “Advancing the use and application of diverse data sources and species distribution models,” (PI Collazo), USGS ($300,000, 2014-2018).
  7. Investigator, 1R01DE024984-01A1 “Spatiotemporal models for periodontal disease monitoring and recall frequencies,” NIH (PI Bandyopadhyay, NCSU subcontract $373,499, 2015-2019).
  8. Investigator, 1R01CA202779-01 “Optimizing delivery of a behavioral cancer pain intervention using a SMART,” under review, NIH (scored 29, 13th percentile).
  9. Investigator, 1R01 AA023187-01A1 “Data-Based Methods for Just In Time Adaptive Interventions in Alcohol Use,” NIH (PI Murphy, NCSU subcontract $87,823).
  10. Investigator, Research and applications in support of the National Gap Analysis Program, USGS (PI Collazo, 2014-2018, $1,616,571).
  11. Principal Investigator, Murdock Gift, Subcontract of Duke SEDI Project (PI Rob Calliff) ($44,740, 2014-2015).
  12. Co-Principal Investigator, DMS0703392, “CSUMS: NC State University computation for undergraduates in statistics program,” NSF (PI Reich, 2011- 2014, $770,714).
  13. Co-Principal Investigator, PR-W-F14AF00171, ”Conservation Design and Habitat Conservation in Puerto Rico,” USGS (PI Collazo, $1,364,995, 2014- 2017).
  14. Investigator, P01 CA142538, “Statistical methods for cancer clinical trials,” NIH (PI Kosorok, $10,328,825, 2015-2020).
  15. Investigator, “Relationship between gait analysis, MRI findings, and response to potassium channel blockade in chronically paralyzed dogs: a personalized medicine pilot study,” NCSU (PI Olby, $17,800, 2014).
  16. Principal Investigator, NSCU Minigrant, external mentoring, 2012.


  1. Principal Investigator, “Optimization, Implementation, and Dissemination of a Tailored Translational Communication Intervention to Reduce Colorectal Cancer Health Disparities,” ($129, 364), under review, Bankhead-Coley Cancer Research Program.
  2. Investigator, “QuBBD: Collaborative Research: Actionable Early Warning Systems for Inpatient Adverse Events,” (PI Saria, $16,450), under review, NSF-DMS.
  3. Investigator, “Optimizing Delivery of a Behavioral Intervention Using a SMART,” (PI Davidian, $108,658), under review, NIH-NCI.
  4. Investigator, “Statistical methods for Healthcare of Complex Patients with Diabetes,” (PI Zhao, $128,670), under review, NIH-NIDDK.
  5. Investigator, “Forensic Geolocation via Biological Signatures,” (PI Faith, $1,115,000), under review, DOD.