League of Legends

League of Legends at Laber Labs

Our mission:

To expose millions of LoL players to statistics concepts by showing how data can be used to answer questions about the game. We will do this in the form of an awesome online experience that includes articles, graphics and interactive elements about topics such as:

• Predicting game outcomes based on champion select
• How to measure if a champion is overpowered
• Unraveling Riot’s “crit smoothing” algorithm
• … and any other questions you think of!

We are putting together a team of motivated NCSU undergraduates to take charge of this project. Team members will work closely with other students, meeting weekly to brainstorm and create content for the website and playing a central role in determining the direction and outcome of the project.

Powered by DataCamp

This class is supported by DataCamp, a comprehensive learning platform for data science. Learn R, Python, and SQL through a combination of short expert videos and hands-on-the-keyboard exercises in 100+ courses by expert instructors on topics such as importing data, data visualization, or machine learning.

More info coming soon!

Contact us! Email LaberLabsLoL@gmail.com