Eric Laber

Principal Investigator
Associate Professor of Statistics and Faculty Scholar
NC State 2011 – Present



Past students

  • Wenhao Hu, PhD, 2018, “Noise addition methods for variable selection,” SAS Institute
  • Brad Ferguson, PhD, 2018, “Semi-supervised Bootstrap with Auxiliary Variables,” Domo
  • Tao Hu, PhD, 2017, “Parametric Thompson Sampling,” Bank of America
  • Nick Meyer, PhD, 2017, “Spatio-temporal decision making,” Argo
  • Marshall Wang, PhD, 2017, “Sufficient Markov Processes,” Amazon
  • Shuping Ruan, PhD, 2017, “Constrained Treatment Regimes,” Cisco
  • Yichi Zhang, PhD, 2016, List-based treatment regimes. Post-doctoral fellow, Harvard University.
  • Fan Wu, PhD, 2015, “Adaptive projection intervals for non-smooth functionals.” Seattle Genetics.
  • Kristin A. Linn, PhD, 2014. “Interactive methods for estimation of optimal dynamic treatment regimes.” (Co-advisor: Len Stefanski.) Post-doctoral fellow, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Kasturi Talapatra, PhD 2014. “Computer aided simulation design. (Coadvisor: Len Stefanski.) Consultant, SAS Institute.
  • Na Zhang, PhD, 2014. “Variable selection for personalized medicine.” (Coadvisor: Howard Bondell.) Biostatistician, Bristol-Meyers-Squibb.
  • Todd Reigh, MS. 2013. (Co-advisor: Marie Davidian.) Biostatistician, Boston Childrens Hospital.