Donkey Darlings

Some call us the next Tesla. The next Waymo. The next Argo. Formally, we’re the Donkey Darlings.

“Hello, Darlings...”

Starting our humble beginnings as contributors to the Donkey Car project, the Donkey Darlings aim to help bring low-scale, efficient reinforcement learning algorithms to the self-driving domain. Working with a variety of hardware, reliable implementation of these algorithms is our priority in advancing the accessibility of the field.

Our Mission

  • — Develop sophisticated reinforcement learning algorithms that are able to run on low capability hardware
  • — Implement self-driving that can adapt to a wide variety of environments and hardware
  • — Advance multi-agent learning in the complex domain of driving and transportation
  • — Graduate, sell our souls to Waymo, and cash out

Current Donkey Darlings

Khuzaima Hameed

PhD Student
Donkey Director

Research interests:
Optimal treatment regimes on networks, automation, and mobile health

Saran Ahluwalia

Post-Bacc Student
Donkey Deputy

Research interests:
Reinforcement learning, language modeling, deep learning, and statistical learning applied to urban policy and public health

Ben Hu

PhD Student
Donkey Deputy

Research interests:
Reinforcement learning and deep learning

Faizaan Azeem

High School Student

Major: N/A
Research interests: Reinforcement learning & computer vision

Manali Shirsekar

Undergraduate Student

Major: Computer Science
Research interests: Reinforcement learning