Zombies on Treadmills

Even the undead need a little exercise.

About the Game

The zombies are coming to town! In Zombies on Treadmills, players must work to redirect zombie hordes away from civilian homes—and into the volcanoes. Zombies on Treadmills is a grid-based game populated with treadmills, houses, and volcanoes, with each level showcasing a different configuration and altered environment dynamics. Intended to introduce basic concepts and definitions in sequential decision making, players are able to select an orientation for each running treadmill (up, down, left, right) such that zombies are rapidly guided towards their demise (via volcanoes). However, the environment dynamics must be taken into consideration; both the topology and controllability (ie. how likely a zombie will go where directed) of the board will inform the optimal configuration for zombie rerouting.